Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Photograph Restoration

Welcome to Photograph Restoration

Welcome to Stu's Photograph Restoration service.

Bring life back to your photographs

I offer to digitally copy your photographs and restore them to look like new.

Photographs are copied and digitally enhanced or restored bringing life back to old, worn, torn and creased photographs.

Photographs can also be enlarged or reduced to suit your needs.

Call me for more information on 01782 215324 or 07931223922.

If you live in Stoke-on-Trent/Staffordshire area then I can collect and return your photographs safely once I have digitally restored the copies.

Check out my samples along with prices.

Sepia, Black & White, Colour

If you don't live in the Stoke on Trent/Staffordshire are then you can email pictures to me.
Check "email image" page for details.

Prices and Sizes

The following lists gives the Prices and Sizes along with the different categories for damaged photographs.

Straight Copies of your photographs

6x4 £4.00
7x5 £5.00
8x6 £5.50
10x8 £6.00
12x8 £7.50
15x10 £9.50

Minor Damage

6x4 £7.00
7x5 £7.50
8x6 £8.50
10x8 £9.00
12x8 £9.50
15x10 £10.50

Moderate damage

6x4 £9.00
7x5 £9.50
8x6 £10.50
10x8 £11.00
12x8 £12.50
15x10 £14.50

Major Damage

6x4 £11.00
7x5 £11.50
8x6 £12.50
10x8 £13.50
12x8 £15.50
15x10 £17.50

Miracle Damage

Some photographs have so much damge that they are beyond complete repair: Maybe they have too much dirt build up from over the years; maybe they have been left in direct sunlight for too long and faded so much that detail is hard to see.

However, every effort will be made to restore the photograph to a reasonable quality.
The price will depend on how much time is spent restoring the image - no more than major damage...maybe even less.

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